Monday, 22 February 2016

Green Areas and Open Spaces

Hi all! Today I am going to write about some of the green areas (Southampton has a lot!) available around the area for anyone interested in fitness, sunshine and friends/ family fun! Southampton is a coastal city which is also brimming with patches of green. Southampton Common is probably the closest one to the University and is only a five minute walk away from Avenue Campus. In the summer, the Common is always full of people practicing sports, having picnics with their families/ friends or just relaxing in the sun. Even during winter, one can see determined people running and keeping fit there. The Common is home to the Cowherds pub and has a children's play area, making it a nice spot for a family day out. The venue is also the host of the recent but very popular Common People Festival which takes place during a weekend filled with fun and music in late May. And at 44 pounds for the entire weekend (students), it makes it an extremely affordable Festival ticket.

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